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This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to start something new or different in their lives. It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you come from in the world. We can help you with your dream of living, traveling and working abroad.

LanguageCorps Cambodia is a 4 week international (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) TEFL / (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) TESOL training course program in China that is certified for 144 hours, above the 120 hours TEFL / TESOL international standard which includes 30 hours of cultural and language training as well as a teaching English job at the end of the TEFL / TESOL course.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose to do our course.

• Wanting to become a teacher
• Building life skill and having an adventure
• Looking for a job, work or gap year abroad
• A way of giving back to society and making a difference to people lives
• Personal development and social awareness
• Wanting to travel and explore the world
• Meeting new people and making international friends
• Training for international skills that make you employable anywhere in the world
• Wanting to start a new career with a job that allows you to work and travel
• Interested in learning new languages and about different cultures
• Experiencing a country as a member of society and not as a tourist
• Getting real life teaching classroom experience while doing the course is invaluable
• Doing a 4 week TEFL course was far more practical than doing an online TEFL / online TESOL course

What you get when you do a TEFL / TESOL training course program with LanguageCorps?

When you do a TEFL / TESOL Cambodia course you get to study with our other LanguageCorps Asia students from Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and China giving you a great chance to make international friends and contacts.

You become an internationally qualified TEFL / TESOL English teacher with the help and guidance of our experienced teachers and assistants. You gain knowledge of teaching practices and classroom experience allowing you to build and develop your own teaching style.

All TEFL / TESOL Cambodia teaching English courses offer teaching English jobs in Cambodia for a year or more with the help of our local teaching staff, with the option to work in other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China through our international schools and other countries around the world.

You get to have the adventure of life time learning, working and traveling, with people just like you. Your new found skills and knowledge allow you to become employable worldwide through our TEFL / TESOL training course program.

These are the TEFL / TESOL training course program benefits!

TEFL Course: 4 week TEFL / TESOL training course that is internationally recognized. Spend two weeks of teaching theory and two weeks of teaching practice in a Cambodian school

Culture & Language Classes: 30 hours of Khmer culture & language classes

Make International Friends: Study with other LanguageCorps TEFL / TESOL graduates from other countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and China and build international contacts and make new friends

Angkor Wat Trip: We take you to Siem Reip to experience the ancient Khmer culture to learn about the history of the amazing Angkor Wat temples. Then you explore the markets, restaurants and nightlife of Siem Reap. See the LanguageCorps excursion to Angkor Wat on YouTube

Job Placement Assistance: During your TEFL / TESOL course we assist you in finding the Teaching English Job and lifestyle that is right for you in Cambodia

24/7 Support: during the course with UK/USA staff based in Cambodia

Welcome dinner: Meet your training colleagues

International TEFL Certificate: LanguageCorps certificate are accepted world wide

Graduate Credits: Graduate Credits available through international recognized Pannasastra University for advance studies in education, TEFL, TESOL, DELTA and master degree courses in education

Graduation dinner: Celebrate your achievement

Weekend Excursion: A weekend excursion to Cambodia's beach resort town of Sihanoukville

The TEFL / TESOL training course program also has additional benefits!

Extra Job Placement Assistance: Cambodia LanguageCorps will provide extra assistance for graduates looking for teaching English jobs or work in Thailand, China, Taiwan or Vietnam. This service is available after successfully completing the first two weeks of the TEFL / TESOL training course.

Trip to Laos: Take a several day excursion to Vientiane and Vang Vieng

Tour of Phnom Penh: We take you to see the best parts of Phnom Penh city

Mobile Phone: Get a mobile and Cambodian sim card during the length of the course

Accommodation: Housing during the 4 weeks TEFL / TESOL training course at the Marady & LC Asia Hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Download housing details.

Airport pick up: One of our staff will pick up you from airport and take you to your accommodation

Transportation: Transport for the 4 weeks of training to the school

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TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
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TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
TEFL / TESOL Course & Job
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